This ‘*Happening’ is About to ‘Happen’!


And when it does – on 2/18/1966 – gloriously, as it turned out (see the LA Free Press Issue of 2/25/1966 for the Front Page(!) Review at, how many of those who were there ever thought that that stage of classically-trained musicians contained the starter seed of one of the most unusual psychedelic bands of the 60’s?
They were Michael Agnello, Joseph Byrd, and Dorothy Moskowitz – later joined by Stu Brotman – who formed the United States of America. Of course, by the time their ‘classic’ – and only – album was produced nearly 2 years later, the line up had changed but, nevertheless, it was packed with outstanding performances of innovative – and actual -compositions on, what was then, ‘new-age’ electronics.

Here’s something no one had ever heard before… and you may not have, either:

*Sponsored by, and for the benefit of, the LA Free Press – a truly cool event for all that were there, and the good health and welfare of the Freep, itself.

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