Computers Threaten Right to Privacy – DATELINE 1969(!)

Computers Threaten Right to Privacy

“The Right of Privacy will be lost in 1969. The Establishment has the power, the money, and the organization. Is it off the beam to tie these new ‘credit cards’ to right-of-privacy?

…the transaction proceeds, the clerk signaling the computer to bill the customer, credit the store and otherwise complete the paperwork. ALL very businesslike, but now the computer has within its memory the physical location of this particular citizen and can check a ‘wanted’ list and report to the police just as fast. And it can print out a record of every purchase at every location at any time.

Already a BankAmericaCard has been ‘credited’ with making an arrest possible!

Many local banks use their computers to offer a professional billing service to doctors, updating them with a code for the treatment and the charge.

Is this all shooting at shadows? Or is it 1984 in 1969?

The Committee on Information in the Behavioral Sciences of the National Research Council has called for the establishment of a Federal Data Service Center.

During World War II there were many links between the National Research Council, Dr. Vannevar Bush, the Office of Scientific Research and Development (OSRD) and the Special Committee under Col. “Wild Bill’ Donovan that developed devices and schemes for the OSS, which later became the CIA.

Reach in your pocket right now, take out that credit card and look at it. Sometime during this year you’ll hear a barely audible snap as the last circuit is closed and that card becomes your leash.”

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