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Where to party in 2018: a clubbing, nightlife and festival guide

Fill your ears and your year with the sweetest beats at the best music and clubbing events – from Berlin and Reykjavik to New Orleans and Cape Town Continue reading… Source: American Feeds

50 years since Sicily's earthquake, an urban disaster of a different kind

When a quake devastated Sicily in 1968, a bold plan was hatched – to build entirely new towns and move the inhabitants. But what looked futuristic on paper would herald a new decay Fifty years ago, the ground began to shake in Poggioreale, an ancient village in the Belìce Valley of south-west Sicily. Calogero Petralia […]

USDA Reports Dairy Farmers Are Sending Younger Cows to Slaughter

USDA Reports Dairy Farmers Are Sending Younger Cows to Slaughter

Click here for reuse options! Inside factory farms that treat animals like machines, dairy cows live only about four years. According to Wisconsin Public Radio, the USDA reports that the number of cows sent to slaughter in the United States was slightly higher in 2017. In its ongoing quest to produce the ultimate milk machine, the dairy […]

Is Warming in the Arctic Behind This Year's Crazy Winter Weather?

Losing half of Arctic sea-ice cover in just 30 years may be wreaking weather havoc. Damage from extreme weather events during 2017 racked up the biggest-ever bills for the U.S. Most of these events involved conditions that align intuitively with global warming: heat records, drought, wildfires, coastal flooding, hurricane damage and heavy rainfall. Paradoxical, though, […]

Why Urban Farming Is Key in the Fight Against Hunger and Climate Change (Video)

A new study has found that urban farms are "critical to survival" in a changing climate. The urban farms sprouting up and across cities around the world aren't just feeding mouths—they are “critical to survival” and a “necessary adaptation” for developing regions and a changing climate, according to a new study. Urban farms—which include plain old allotments, indoor vertical farms and rooftop […]

Trump’s Response to Hawaii Missile Snafu Proves He Can’t Be Trusted with More Nukes: New York Times

The Times called the president out. In a cautionary editorial published after the citizens of Hawaii were thrown into a panic over a mistaken alert announcing missiles were incoming, the New York Timessaid the President blithe response was a reason to not entrust him with an expanded nuclear arsenal. Following the frightening announcement in Hawaii on Saturday morning, […]

There's Something Big Shifting in American High Cuisine

There's Something Big Shifting in American High Cuisine

Click here for reuse options! Veggie-centric cuisine is becoming a national movement. On a recent episode of their weekly comedy podcast, Cameron Esposito and Rhea Butcher recount a laughably horrendous experience ordering the two token vegan items on a restaurant menu in Miami: some type of vegan burger (though not served on a vegan bun), […]

Israel's New Blacklist of BDS-Supporting Groups Sparks Outrage

"Israel is isolating itself even further as an apartheid state," says CODEPINK. Advocacy groups vowed to continue their fight for peace and justice on Sunday after the Israeli government announced they are banned from the country for their support of the boycott, divestment, and sanctions movement known as BDS. “By banning the leaders of peace […]

Fox Panel Rips Stephen Miller after Jake Tapper Boots Him Off CNN: ‘All He Would Do Is Lavish Trump’

The host broke off from the discussion to address Miller’s outburst. On Fox News, White House aide Stephen Miller did not get good reviews for his manic performance with CNN’s Jake Tapper on Sunday morning that forced the State of the Union host to shut down the interview and go to commercial. During a panel discussion on Fox media […]

Mental Health Inc: How Corruption, Lax Oversight and Failed Reforms Endanger Our Most Vulnerable Citizens

A new book exposes the greed and cronyism behind some of Big Pharma's worst excesses. An excellent new book by Art Levine exposes how “indifferent professional associations, pharmaceutical-subsidized patient advocacy groups and government regulators that either push a drug-industry agenda or fail to halt what amounts to an epidemic of behavioral health malpractice” enable Pharma's worst excesses. […]