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Trump gave this Navy SEAL clemency for a war crime — now he’s trying to cash in on his infamy

Navy SEAL Chief Petty Officer Edward Gallagher, who was granted clemency this fall from President Donald Trump for posing with the body of a dead Iraqi child, is hawking t-shirts and… Source: American Feeds

Trump suddenly faces twin foreign policy crises — and he has nowhere to turn for help

Two separate crises roiled President Donald Trump on the first day of the year of his re-election campaign. The U.S embassy in Baghdad is recovering from an assault that grew… Source: American Feeds

Here are 10 new laws that are now in effect in 2020

A new year typically brings new legislation, and in the U.S., laws addressing everything from plastic bags to recreational marijuana are now in effect or will go into effect soon.… Source: American Feeds

How a simple letter from the IRS on health coverage saved lives

At the end of 2016, during Affordable Care Act open enrollment for 2017, the Internal Revenue Service sent a letter to 3.9 million people who had not signed up for… Source: American Feeds

GOP consultant says the Republican Party has reached a ‘day of reckoning’ as Trump consumes it whole

In much of the right-wing media — from Fox News to AM talk radio to Breitbart — conservative condemnation of President Donald Trump is in painfully short supply. One usually… Source: American Feeds

Here’s how Christian fundamentalism is turning people away from religion — and toward science

Christianity is on the way out, according to surveys Americans who identify as Christian have dropped by 12 percent in the last decade, and those who identify as having no religion have… Source: American Feeds

These are the Republican losers we won’t miss in 2020

Over the last year, we’ve said goodbye to many Republicans who are no longer in office or are on their way out. There are way too many Republican losers to… Source: American Feeds

Robert Reich: Here are 5 ways to stop corporations from ruining the future of work

Artificial intelligence, robots, and other advanced technologies are already transforming the world of work – and their impact is just beginning. They’ll grow the economy and make it more efficient.… Source: American Feeds

Tulsi Gabbard says impeaching Trump would cause ‘lasting damage’ to America

Tulsi Gabbard, the Hawaii congresswoman and Democratic presidential candidate who controversially voted “present” on the question of impeaching President Donald Trump, defended her decision on Saturday by saying that she’s… Source: American Feeds

Trump turns back on workers as companies force employees to train their cheaper foreign replacements: report

President Donald Trump’s claims that he is bringing jobs back to America are being called nothing more than hot air in a report stating U.S. companies are instead forcing their… Source: American Feeds