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Bill Barr finally revealed the real reason he’s such an aggressive Trump defender

Attorney General Bill Barr has become a lightning rod of sorts in administration, standing out front and taking public hits as he does President Donald Trump’s dirty work at the Justice… Source: American Feeds

Ukraine actually never got all the money that Trump withheld — undermining key GOP claim: report

Ukraine has reportedly still not received a portion of the military aid blocked by the Trump administration and continues to seek a White House meeting with the president, despite claims… Source: American Feeds

Here are 6 ways the culture of football groomed us for President Trump

Because everything is so Trumpian these days, there’s less air or space for the only other mass entertainment that promotes tribalism and toxic masculinity while keeping violence in vogue: football.… Source: American Feeds

Trump wants a victory in his China trade war — but 3 key issues won’t be resolved anytime soon

by Penelope B. Prime, Georgia State University The U.S. and China have reportedly reached a so-called phase one deal in their ongoing trade war. While few details have been disclosed,… Source: American Feeds

Trump is considering a boycott of the 2020 presidential debates: report

President Donald Trump is considering whether he will skip the general election debates in 2020 over concerns that the commission overseeing the broadcasts will be unfair to him, The New York… Source: American Feeds

Mitch McConnell says he’s in ‘total coordination with the White House’ on Trump’s impeachment

Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell said clearly on Thursday what many have assumed: When articles of impeachment come over from the House of Representatives, as is expected, to his chamber,… Source: American Feeds

An expert explains 4 myths about mental illness and unemployment

by Bandy X. Lee, Yale University Even though mental illness affects one in five adults – and depression is the leading cause of disability worldwide – secrecy and stigma around… Source: American Feeds

188 Democrats join GOP to hand Trump $738 billion military budget that includes ‘space force’

More than 180 House Democrats joined a nearly united Republican caucus Wednesday night to pass a sweeping $738 billion military spending bill that gives President Donald Trump his long-sought “Space… Source: American Feeds

Is Democrats’ USMCA trade deal with Trump a big win or a ‘major strategic misstep?’

Is it a major win for workers, or an “economic nothingburger” that could have a devastating impact on the environment? Is it a shrewd political move by House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.),… Source: American Feeds

How we’re untangling the mysteries of the supermassive black hole at the heart of our galaxy

Smadar Naoz, University of California, Los Angeles Do supermassive black holes have friends? The nature of galaxy formation suggests that the answer is yes, and in fact, pairs of supermassive… Source: American Feeds

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