Hurricane Irma: storm weakens to category one, but surge threat remains – live

Irma is now moving up the west coast of Florida but has been downgraded to a category 1 storm with winds of less than 100mph

7.45am BST

It seems it is a right of passage for every TV journalist and meteorologist to venture out into the elements during the midst of a wild storm. Live broadcasts are often met with wind-swept hair, drenched parkas and soaked microphones, as journalists attempt to maintain composure and report to camera.

Dramatic footage posted on Twitter on Monday shows CNN’s Chris Cuomo braving torrential rain and howling winds in his coverage of Hurricane Irma from Naples, Florida.

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7.40am BST

Debbie Wasserman–Schultz, a Democraitc Congresswoman for Florida’s 23rd congressional district, says her state will require the most expensive programme in US history to recover from the hurricane.

Speaking to BBC Radio 4’s Today programme she said:

“This is the most significant storm that has hit the United States in modern times. What is very serious about it is that it is hitting virtually the entire state, multiple major metropolitan areas, and we are going to have a recovery the likes to which we have not seen in the United States.

“There are a million and half people without power just in the two counties that I represent in Congress. When we have just in Congress passed a significant emergency supplemental aid package for the victims of Hurricane Harvey in Texas and that was $15bn and when we go back to Washingtong later this week we are going to need to immediately get to work on a much more significant supplemental aid package because this recovery is going to be the most expensive in history.

Urging South Fla residents to remain in safest structure available. Don’t be complacent. Worst of #Irma yet to come!

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