Chinese petrochemical factory consumed by huge FIREBALL after massive explosion (VIDEOS)

A massive explosion ripped through a chemical plant in Zhuhai, southern China on Monday, forcing workers to flee for their lives as a fireball consumed the facility, sending thick plumes of black smoke high into the air.

Footage released by Chinese media purports to show the Changlian Petrochemical Plant engulfed by flames as workers sprint to safety at around 1:40pm local time. Miraculously, no casualties were reported in the explosion, according to local authorities.

Zhuhai Fire Brigade dispatched 40 fire engines and 200 firefighters to the scene, with additional support provided by fire brigades from neighboring Guangzhou, Foshan, Jianmen and Zhongshan.

The ensuing fire was reportedly extinguished in just a couple of hours, and an investigation into the circumstances which led to the explosion is already underway. 

The Zhuhai Emergency Management Bureau said there were no anomalous environmental readings in the immediate aftermath of the explosion, but that it would continue to monitor the situation. 

In March 2019, dozens of people were killed and hundreds more injured in two separate blasts at chemical plants in the eastern Jiangsu province.

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Dozens dead, hundreds injured in huge explosion at Chinese chemical plant (PHOTOS, VIDEO)

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