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'Angry Birds' goes full NFL ahead of Super Bowl LII

'Angry Birds' goes full NFL ahead of Super Bowl LII

Fans of both Angry Birds and the NFL can get excited together with new Super Bowl LII content in the popular free-to-play mobile game from Rovio. Angry Birds 2 players can now outfit their avian characters with any of the 32 official NFL jerseys and… Source: New feed

Google Assistant can match your voice to your Netflix profile

You can already use Google Assistant to play Netflix, but it becomes a hassle if you have more than one Netflix profile. You probably don't want to muck up a partner's recommendations just because you couldn't bother to reach for the remote. Well,… Source: New feed

What's on TV: 'Monster Hunter: World,' 'Drunk History' and 'Mosaic'

What's on TV: 'Monster Hunter: World,' 'Drunk History' and 'Mosaic'

We're back! After a CES and NAIAS-induced hiatus, we're digging into this week's lineup, which features the debut of Monster Hunter on new-gen consoles. Also, it's time for the return of Drunk History on Comedy Central featuring Tiffany Haddish, and… Source: New feed

Facebook's 'trusted' news source survey is two simple questions

When Facebook said it would rank the trustworthiness of sources in your News Feed based on community feedback, it raised questions as to what that survey would look like. Well, we know now… and it's not terribly complicated. BuzzFeed has obtained… Source: New feed

‘Overwatch’ adds Disneyland-style map ‘Blizzard World’

‘Overwatch’ adds Disneyland-style map ‘Blizzard World’

Back at Blizzcon 2017, Blizzard's big announcement for its hero shooter Overwatch was a new character Moira — at long last, another healer for the lineup. But equally exciting was the reveal of a new upcoming map: Blizzard World, a Disneyland-esque… Source: New feed

Pakistan Raises Its Guard After Two Polio Vaccinators Are Gunned Down

We talk to a key official in the country’s anti-polio effort to learn more about the slaying — and its impact on the campaign to wipe out the disease. (Image credit: Rizwan Tabassum/AFP/Getty Images) Source: New feed

Survey results show Christians becoming less concerned about the environment

There has been no “greening of Christianity” among people in the pews, despite efforts by some religious leaders to emphasize environmental stewardship, according to new research. Source: New feed

Cognitive training helps regain a younger-working brain

New research could provide new hope for extending our brain function as we age. In a randomized clinical study involving adults age 56 to 71, researchers found that after cognitive training, participants’ brains were more energy efficient, meaning their brain did not have to work as hard to perform a task. Source: New feed

Bitcoin wallet devices vulnerable to security hacks

Devices used to manage accounts using Bitcoin could be improved to provide better protection against hackers, according to new research. Source: New feed

Scientist unlocks gamma ray burst secrets

Scientists have recreated the first ever mini version of a gamma ray burst in a laboratory, opening up a whole new way to investigate their properties and potentially unlocking some of the mysteries around possible alien civilizations. Source: New feed

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