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America’s Afghanistan anti-drug boondoggle nears the $9 Billion mark

The amount of money the U.S. government has spent trying to wipe out Afghan opium since it invaded the country in 2002 has now reached $8.94 billion, the Special Inspector… Source: American Feeds

‘It’s possible’: Devin Nunes dodges when asked if he spoke to indicted Giuliani associate

Rep. Devin Nunes (R-CA) sheepishly dodged Fox News host Sean Hannity’s question Tuesday night about whether he spoke with Rudy Giuliani’s indicted associate Lev Parnas. Parnas has been indicted in… Source: American Feeds

Former Trump administration official finally speaks — and reveals the president had little grasp of intelligence

Sue Gordon, the former deputy director of national intelligence under President Donald Trump, finally spoke out about her ex-boss this week. At a meeting of the Women’s Foreign Policy Group,… Source: American Feeds

‘This is all an act’: Fox News host Laura Ingraham mocks Lisa Page for speaking out against Trump

Fox News host Laura Ingraham ridiculed former FBI lawyer Lisa Page — who has been vilified for disparaging President Donald Trump during text conversations with a man with whom she… Source: American Feeds

Why this expert warns that a voting watchdog has ‘lost its way’ — and our elections are at risk

Verified Voting, the national advocacy group seeking accountable election results, has been “providing cover” for untrustworthy new voting systems and the public officials buying them, according to an esteemed academic… Source: American Feeds

Conservatives try to erase inconvenient history — so what will become of Trump’s legacy?

Having been boxed in by the overwhelming evidence of Donald Trump’s guilt — on the Ukraine extortion campaign, on collusion with a Russian conspiracy to influence the 2016 election and on… Source: American Feeds

‘So if you’re poor, you’re dead’? Watch Brits gasp when they hear the cost of U.S. health care

Britons in a video released Tuesday expressed incredulity and shock at the high cost of healthcare in the United States and thanked the United Kingdom’s publicly-funded and administered National Health… Source: American Feeds

The media keeps ignoring the biggest story of the impeachment proceedings

With the House Judiciary Committee poised to take up the impeachment baton and hold a new round of public hearings this month, the Beltway press continues to absorb and echo Republican talking… Source: American Feeds

Bill Barr is gearing up for a major clash in his own department over the Russia probe: report

Attorney General Bill Barr does not agree with a central conclusion of the forthcoming report from Justice Department Inspector General Michael Horowitz about the Russia investigation, according to a new… Source: American Feeds

Fox News host urges Trump to dump Rudy Giuliani over his ‘disturbing’ role — says he is an unmitigated ‘disaster’

Fox News host Steve Hilton blasted Rudy Giuliani, the former New York City mayor who now serves as a personal attorney for President Donald Trump, during a heated segment Sunday… Source: American Feeds