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Chris Wallace crushes GOP Whip Steve Scalise’s twisted defense of Trump

House Minority Whip Steve Scalise (R-LA) struggled on Sunday to defend President Donald Trump’s alleged attempt to bribe the president of Ukraine to investigate Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden. During… Source: American Feeds

Director Michael Lehmann explains why Ivanka and Kellyanne are today’s ‘good Heathers’

Ithink it just comes down to this: Who doesn’t want to kill their friends sometimes? All I know is that on a brisk spring evening in 1989, my pal Carolyn… Source: American Feeds

Why Trump’s disdain for Ukraine matters

Watching the first two days of the House impeachment inquiry’s public hearings, what struck me once again is the utter contempt Donald Trump has for other sovereign nations and fellow… Source: American Feeds

Ralph Nader: What are the Democrats waiting for? Trump is the most impeachable tyrant in the country’s history — hands down

Amid the worst Republican President and Republican Party in modern times, the Democrats are playing the politics of low expectations. This is not the time for Democrats to be in… Source: American Feeds

We’re watching the same impeachment hearings, but seeing vastly different TV shows

“Are we watching the same show?” Let me tell you, critics love this timeworn retort from readers or other media types who disagree with something they’ve said or written about… Source: American Feeds

How Democratic women drove the 2018 blue wave

After Hillary Clinton lost to a talking yam with criminal tendencies in 2016, a number of people got antsy about the idea that the country was really ready yet to… Source: American Feeds

Iowans flocked to Trump in 2016. He betrayed them

There has been no escape this week from the mainstream media’s wall-to-wall Trump impeachment drama. Yet while the media’s fixation on the Beltway crime wave makes for good television (and newsprint),… Source: American Feeds

Trump mocked after his Louisiana governor candidate goes down in flames: ‘The plague is more well-liked’

Commenters on the Internet piled on President Donald Trump late Saturday night after the GOP candidate for Lousiana’s governor seat lost to sitting Governor John Bel Edwards who held his… Source: American Feeds

Press secretary says it is ‘dangerous for the country’ to question whether she’s putting out honest info

Press secretary Stephanie Grisham on Saturday argued it was “dangerous for the country” for anyone to challenge the veracity of her claims. Grisham made her argument after President Donald Trump… Source: American Feeds

Former NSC official accuses Sondland of working to promote Trump’s interests: ‘His mandate from the president was to go make deals’

According to a report from the Washington Post, a former White House national security aide told House investigators that Gordon Sondland was instructed to “go make deals” by Donald Trump in the… Source: American Feeds

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