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‘This is a real warning’: Ex-campaign aide bluntly states Clinton didn’t go far enough criticizing Tulsi Gabbard

On MSNBC Saturday, former Clinton campaign official and director of SiriusXM progressive programming Zerlina Maxwell said that not only did Hillary Clinton do nothing wrong for criticizing Rep.…

Makers of controversial Trump ‘shooting’ video respond to criticism with more memes

Makers of controversial Trump ‘shooting’ video respond to criticism with more memes

After an over-the-top doctored movie clip showing the likeness of President Trump massacring his political and media opponents triggered fits of fury, its creators have responded – with…

Russian ice hockey host proclaims herself ‘the sexiest in the KHL’ – but she faces some red-hot competition… (PHOTOS)

Traktor Chelyabinsk reporter Sofia Gudim has declared herself ‘the sexiest KHL host’, but the competition is tough with Spartak Moscow boasting two stunners who can challenge for the…

Ancient babylonian 'omens' reveal timing of an extraordinary solar storm that’s mentioned in the Bible

As long as humans have walked the Earth they have looked to the sky for signs of things to come. Ancient Assyrian sky gazers even carved their findings…

Gen. Barry McCaffrey ridicules childish ‘Home Alone’ Trump over his ‘comical’ letter to Turkey’s president

Appearing on MSNBC on Saturday morning, retired General Barry McCaffrey came to the defense of former Donald Trump cabinet member Gen. James Mattis while taking a jab at…


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Questlove: bagels with Amy Winehouse, fish and chips with the Roots

The drummer and frontman on food and music, his friendship with Anthony Bourdain and much, much more What we know as southern soul food, which was primarily survival…

‘We Syrians are being used as political tools… yet again’

Despite last week’s US-brokered truce, fighting continues on the Turkish-Syrian border It’s an unusually hot autumn in the plains of southern Turkey, where in some places nothing but…

Textile art inspired by vintage photographs of African Americans – in pictures

Since 2017, New Jersey artist Bisa Butler has been creating a “quilted fabric album”: large textile portraits drawn from old black-and-white photographs; her most recent series is inspired…

Don’t count on capitalism to save the Earth

The bad news just keeps coming.  Again and again, science-based studies uncover increasing evidence that the planet is headed toward unfathomable disaster. In the last year alone, we…

Is using cannabis in front of children harmful or not?

Public health agencies are warning parents about using cannabis in the presence of their children. However, parents who use cannabis say that it makes them more empathetic, more…

GOP lawmakers openly revolting against Trump’s ‘indefensible’ decision to hold G7 at his golf resort

Already reeling from criticism from within his own party for withdrawing U.S. troops in Syria setting off the slaughter of Kurds by invaders from Turkey, Donald Trump is…

House Democrats are failing to protect America’s farmers from Trump

Times are tough for American farmers. Everything from corporate consolidation to falling commodity prices is making it harder to get by. Strange, then, that the person most responsible…

Donald Trump has his finger on the button: We now know he’ll push it — if he thinks it can get him re-elected

These are the most frightening words Trump has uttered since becoming president: “Sometimes you have to let them fight a little while. Sometimes you have to let them…

Bernie Sanders and Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez set for New York rally

Senator marks return to campaign after heart attack Support from member of The Squad marks progressive push Bernie Sanders will stage a rally on Saturday afternoon in New…

Warren and Sanders: A wealth tax is needed to address staggering inequality

2020 progressive front-runners Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren pushed for a wealth tax at the fourth Democratic debate Tuesday night. We speak with senior contributor at The Intercept,…

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