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E-cig refills contain irritants, and people who smoke and use e-cigs suffer more symptoms

Two new studies highlight the risks associated with using e-cigarettes, especially for those who also smoke conventional cigarettes. Source: New feed

Children with asthma are being prescribed unnecessary antibiotics

Children with asthma are more likely to be prescribed antibiotics even though there is no evidence that they need them any more than children without asthma. Source: New feed

Intel focuses its WiGig efforts on wireless VR

Don't count on finding multi-gigabit WiFi in your laptop in the near future. Intel has announced that it's discontinuing virtually all of its current WiGig hardware by the end of 2017, including antennas and controllers. Instead, the focus is on us… Source: New feed

Sci-fi author and tech advocate Jerry Pournelle dies

Sci-fi author and tech advocate Jerry Pournelle dies

The science fiction and technology worlds are poorer off this weekend, as author Jerry Pournelle has died at 84 after a sudden illness. He was best-known for collaborating with Larry Niven on classic novels like The Mote in God's Eye, but he's equal… Source: New feed

Twitter tests a feature that simplifies your tweetstorms

Tweetstorms are a staple of Twitter these days — it's not uncommon to see someone shout "thread" and point to a mammoth 30-tweet piece of political commentary. Whether or not you feel that's the best use of Twitter, it could soon be much easier to… Source: New feed

Microsoft brings app add-ins to Outlook on Android

Microsoft brings app add-ins to Outlook on Android

Microsoft has made scheduling tasks, taking notes and responding to emails with funny GIFs on Outlook much easier for Android users with Outlook.com and Office 365 commercial accounts. It's bringing third-party app add-ins to Google's mobile OS, a fe… Source: New feed

Mother Of 9 Goes Door-To-Door As Part Of Yemen's Anti-Cholera Brigade

Volunteers are the unsung heroes in slowing the spread of the disease in the world’s worst cholera epidemic. (Image credit: Moohialdin Fuad Alzekri /UNICEF) Source: New feed

Folic acid may mitigate autism risk from pesticides

Researchers have shown that mothers who take recommended amounts of folic acid around conception might reduce their children’s pesticide-related autism risk. Source: New feed

Glass Or Mirrored Windows A Hazard For Flying Bats

Bats are slamming into modern building that have large expanses of glass or mirrored surfaces, according to researchers, who are calling for better monitoring of these risks, especially in areas with large bat populations. The winged mammals have the ability to fly at top speeds in the dark, instinctively avoiding natural obstacles such as trees. […]

Florida Gov: Use Google Maps for real-time road closure updates

Google and Florida have teamed up to make Maps a much more useful resource for the state's evacuation plans in preparation for Hurricane Irma's arrival. Florida Governor Rick Scott has advised residents to use various apps and websites to help them n… Source: New feed