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In-utero treatment reverses cleft palate in mice

Researchers clarified a molecular pathway responsible for the formation of cleft palate and identified a new treatment to reverse this defect in mouse pups in utero. Source: New feed

Bill Gates Predicts 'What's At Stake' With Proposed Trump Foreign Aid Cuts

The Gates Foundation has released projections showing the impact on new cases of HIV and issues like child mortality if there’s a global drop in foreign aid. (Image credit: Brittany Mayes and Matthew Zhang/NPR) Source: New feed

The U.S. Thought It Was Rid Of Hookworm. Wrong

The American medical establishment was confident: no hookworm disease in the country for decades. A new study uncovered cases in Alabama. (Image credit: Fotosearch/Getty Images) Source: New feed

Tom Frieden's New Venture Combines 2 Disparate Health Threats

The former head of the Centers for Disease Control has $225 million for his global health group Resolve, which will aim to prevent stroke and cardiovascular disease as well as epidemics. (Image credit: Tommy Trenchard for NPR) Source: New feed

Red Cross Worker Slain In Afghanistan: 'All She Wanted To Do Was Help'

Lorena Perez was a physiotherapist. On Monday, a patient in a wheelchair shot and killed her. The motive is not yet known. (Image credit: Courtesy of Monica Barnabé) Source: New feed

Iconic White Cliffs Of Dover Contain Space Dust

Britain’s famous White Cliffs of Dover have yielded a fascinating find: galactic specks called micrometeorites, or more simply, space dust. Scientists found a total of 76 preserved pieces embedded in the cliff’s white chalk, dating back 87 million years ago to the Coniacian age, the New York Post reports. While the world is actually covered […]

One-Third Of Parasites Might Go Extinct — That’s Not A Good Thing

Climate change might cause one-third of all parasites to go extinct by the year 2070, scientists say. And while this may not seem like such a bad thing, parasites are an important part of the Earth’s ecosystem, so their dying out would disrupt the natural balance of things. As a whole, parasites don’t have a […]

Kodi fights trademark trolls trying to charge for its media app

Kodi doesn't just have to worry about add-ons and devices that give it a reputation as a piracy haven. The media center app developer has revealed that it's battling "trademark trolls" who've registered the Kodi name as their own and are using that… Source: New feed

Respiratory tract infections in young children linked to asthma and worse lung function

Respiratory tract infections in young children are linked to an increased risk of asthma and worse lung function in later life, according to new research. Source: New feed

Explosive birth of stars swells galactic cores

Astronomers found that active star formation upswells galaxies, like yeast helps bread rise. Using three powerful telescopes on the ground and in orbit, they observed galaxies from 11 billion years ago and found explosive formation of stars in the cores of galaxies. This suggests that galaxies can change their own shape without interaction with other […]