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Former Republican House Speaker Dennis Hastert Legally Banned from Being Alone with Minors

A federal judge issued the order without explanation. Former Republican Speaker of the House Dennis Hastert was released from prison in July after serving 15 months for his role in covering up child molestation accusations. Now, a judge has decided Hastert can never be alone with children. Hastert is accused of molesting four teenage boys […]

The Global Crisis That's Creating 21.5 Million Refugees Each Year

How environmental destruction created a refugee crisis. When I first talked to the three Honduran men in the train yard in the southern Mexican town of Tenosique, I had no idea that they were climate-change refugees. We were 20 miles from the border with Guatemala at a rail yard where Central American refugees often congregated […]

Watch: Thousands of Mental Health Professionals Warn of Trump's Increasing Instability

Psychiatrist Dr. Bandy X. Lee on the dangerous case of giving nuclear capabilities to a man with a loose grip on reality. Questions over President Donald Trump’s mental health continue to grow, following his speech on Wednesday where he slurred his speech and mispronounced words during an address on Israel. White House Press Secretary Sarah […]

Lawsuit Alleges Married Couple Rigged Court Cases in New York Against Drug Defendants

The case involves the district attorney who failed to re-open the Eric Garner case. A new lawsuit implicates Judge Judith McMahon and district attorney Michael McMahon—a married couple—for trying to choose friendly judges in Staten Island courts. It's looking like a particularly sticky situation for McMahon, whom some blame for failing to indict Eric Garner's killer.  McMahon’s […]

How Pollution and Climate Change Hurt Children Most of All

"I am afraid to even let him go outside anymore." The environmental damage we cause by continuing to burn fossil fuels affects children most, including yours. While the studies on climate change are still emerging, there has been enough research to result in a broad scientific agreement that climate change is negatively affecting children’s health. […]

Donkeys Bludgeoned and Their Skin Taken for Traditional Chinese 'Medicine' (Video)

Eyewitness footage from Chinese farms shows shocking brutality against baby donkeys. Hideously shocking eyewitness footage from Chinese farms shows donkeys, some as young as 5 months old, being hit on the head with a sledgehammer. Their throats are then slit, and they are left to die. Others face the same terrifying end after enduring a […]

Blame the Media? The NY Times Coverage of Clinton v. Trump Was Lacking

Blame the Media? The NY Times Coverage of Clinton v. Trump Was Lacking

Click here for reuse options! According to Columbia Journalism Review, the most influential mainstream media was gossip-prone and failed to inform the public about what mattered. For months, readers of the New York Times and other influential mainstream media have heard about how “fake news” soiled 2016’s election. But they haven’t heard how poorly the Times […]

For-Profit Medical Companies Are Making Tons of Money Taking Poor Peoples’ Blood

For-Profit Medical Companies Are Making Tons of Money Taking Poor Peoples’ Blood

Click here for reuse options! Donors hope to get $30 a pop for their plasma, but sometimes they aren't even paid what they're promised. Here’s another example of wealthy corporations sucking poor people dry—literally. While many good samaritans donate blood or bone marrow out of good will, others sell their bodily fluids on a biweekly […]

Brain-Wave Treatment for Alzheimer's Is Promising, but the First Human Subject Is Left Behind

An Alzheimer’s patient sees improvement‚ but declines again when the study ends. Peg Gleason, who is 83 and lives in San Francisco, was the first to sign up for the initial human trial of an MIT-backed experimental treatment for Alzheimer’s disease last January. The trial had a slightly eccentric setting at the warehouse offices of […]

Monsanto Giving Cash to Farmers Who Use Controversial Pesticide

The cash-back offer comes as several states are considering restrictions on the use of the drift-prone and highly volatile chemical. Looks like Monsanto really wants farmers to use XtendiMax. The agribusiness giant is offering a cash incentive to farmers to apply a controversial pesticide linked to 3.1 million acres of crop damage in nearly two dozen heartland states, according […]

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