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'Stalk an ex or look up anyone': Weak Uber security allowed spying on riders – report

'Stalk an ex or look up anyone': Weak Uber security allowed spying on riders  – report

Uber’s poor private data security allowed its employees to spy on high profile politicians and celebrities, a newly surfaced lawsuit claims. It also accuses the company of barring…

Rex Tillerson to be Trump's secretary of state, say reports, after Romney reveals he is out

Former governor of Massachusetts says it was an ‘honour to be considered’ and makes way for president of Exxon Mobil who has close ties to Russia Mitt Romney…

Sam Bee blisters anti-choice GOP quietly destroying Roe while we’re ‘blinded by the Trump sh*tgeyser

Full Frontal host Samantha Bee went off on a breathless rant over GOP lawmakers who are doing everything they can to destroy a woman’s right to reproductive choice…

Bomb threat forces Lufthansa emergency landing at JFK, 500 evacuated

A Lufthansa plane was forced to make an emergency landing at New York’s JFK Airport after a bomb threat was received via telephone, according to media reports. The…

TYT – 12.12.16: Trump Victory Tour, Russian Interference, Anti-Santa Pastor, and Nazi Cadillacs

A portion of our Young Turks Main Show from December 9, 2016. For more go to Hour 1: Trump’s victory tour. Rex Tillerson Secretary of State. Russian…


Zack Cordero does grassroots campaigning for .................................................. Bernie Sanders
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WHY can’t CNN predict a Michigan win by Bernie?

EVEN with 94% of the vote in…. they couldn’t get themselves to say that it was REALLY happening. Why??  Because……

Bernie Wins Michigan. STUNNING!!! ???

To whom? Not to ANYone who is on a Bernie site. Do these paid pundits… yes, I’m referring those on CNN…NOT go onto all of the candidates’ sites?…

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By Chris Hedges Donald Trump will use the presidency to inflate his personality cult and increase his family’s wealth. Those who do not pay homage to his megalomania,…

Bernie Sanders: Look beneath the surface when Trump attacks people

Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-VT) weighed in on President-elect Trump’s feud with Union Leader Chuck Jones Thursday Night in an MSNBC interview. “What can we say?” he asked host…

UK to adopt official anti-Semitism definition following rise in incidents targeting Jews – reports

Britain will reportedly become one of the first nations to adopt an official definition of anti-Semitism, following an increase in the number of reported incidents targeting Jews. Read…

Petition to commute Manning’s prison sentence to time served reaches 100k goal

A petition to commute Chelsea Manning’s 35-year prison sentence to time served has surpassed the goal of 100,000 signatures, securing an “official update” from the White House. Read…

Half a million South Koreans celebrate impeaching of president Park Geun-hye

Large numbers of protester have taken to the streets marking Friday’s suspension of Park’s presidential powers with music, chanting and fireworks Angry protests against the South Korean president,…

Muslim man stabbed outside mosque near Los Angeles in possible hate attack

Police in Simi Valley, California have arrested a 29-year-old man after he reportedly stabbed a Muslim man outside a mosque in what detectives are characterizing at a hate…

How Can Rex Tillerson Be a Diplomat for America When He's Spent His Career Being One for Exxon? – Slate Magazine

Slate Magazine How Can Rex Tillerson Be a Diplomat for America When He's Spent His Career Being One for Exxon?Slate MagazineIt has become increasingly clear that President-elect Donald…

Venezuela pulls most common banknote from circulation to 'beat mafia'

President’s surprise move, which comes days before authorities release six new notes and three new coins, is likely to worsen a cash crunch Venezuela, mired in an economic…

Sarah Palin says she’ll help stop Russian hackers: I’ll ‘keep an eye on them’ from my house!

Former Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin offered her help with the problem of Russian hackers interfering with the U.S. electoral system. said that on Sunday evening, Palin wrote…

Op-Ed: Don't short America Inc; it's just warming up – CNBC

CNBC Op-Ed: Don't short America Inc; it's just warming upCNBCMr. Trump's America First policy is a corollary to Tip O'Neill's (the late, long-serving House speaker and a venerated…

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